We’re in the MOOD for ORANGE

Orange bracelets

Did you know that for millennia, orange was a color without an identity. As a matter of fact, in many languages, orange was the very last color to be named in the rainbow. Poor thing!

The color orange creates a lot of controversy as it draws on strong emotion and is a color that people either love or hate.

As orange is a combination of red and yellow, it takes on many of the characteristics of both colors. Studies show that children who love to color with orange in their drawings or paintings are often outgoing, sympathetic and friendly rather than emotional and intense. They can be described as more imaginative and creative versus intellectual and research minded. Children respond happily to orange as it is correlated with goldfish and popsicles from a very young age.

If you like orange, it seems you work hard and play hard. You are likely energetic and enthusiastic, and enjoy new challenges and can be overly determined. If you lean a little closer to “peach” in your passion for the color orange, you may be much less assertive in the approach you apply to a situation.

If you dislike Orange nothing to flashy appeals to you. You are likely quieter and slower in your approach to get to know someone. Your approach is life is subtle. Life is not all fun and games to you.

We’re in the MOOD for orange right now as we’re feeling stylish, bighearted and super independent as we approach all that fall has to offer ~ we’re imagining a great season.

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